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Student Story

Tamiko Cuellar's Story: Business- and Ministry-Minded

Tamiko Cuellar previously worked in the financial planning industry where she advised people about their finances, investments, and insurance. She admits she is “business-minded” and she knows she is called “to impact the business arena for the Kingdom of God.” At the same time, she wanted to continue to learn more about ministry. This led her to her decision to enroll at City Vision University.

Tamiko found CVC’s approach to ministry “specialized” and “unorthodox.” She said, “The affordable tuition was also appealing since the grant covered all of the tuition costs. I also loved the accelerated program. Although it was rigorous at times, I was able to complete my Bachelor’s degree in just one year.”

It’s easy to see Tamiko’s business side: in 2011 she started her own tutoring business, Smart Minds Tutoring, which targets underserved and underprivileged children who do not have access to affordable tutoring. “This is a way I can touch children’s lives and serve the urban community, which was a great emphasis in [City Vision’s] Urban Missions and Nonprofit Management degree program.”

CVC helped change Tamiko’s perspective. It taught her to focus her ministry within her own community and it influenced her to take part in helping to improve the lives of urban children.

This testimonial was given in 2012.

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Corey Hicks' Story: Better Equipped to Serve the Inner City

Corey Hicks' Photo

Before Corey Hicks enrolled at City Vision University, he received a degree in Biblical Studies from the School of Urban Missions. He eventually heard from a friend about City Vision, and he was attracted to the college's practicality and hands-on experience that was necessary for him to become an effective urban minister. He later graduated from City Vision and received a degree in Missions in 2008.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Corey has his own story of redemption. After high school he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. “I was depressed and suicidal. I didn’t care about my life or anyone else’s,” he recalls. Through a series of events and connections, Corey encountered God once and for all in regards to his depravity. While in remission at a hospital, he repented and gave his life to Christ. Renewal began.

Today, Corey spends most of his time as Executive Director at The Urban Reach and “everything else flows out of that.” The Urban Reach is a ministry in the inner-city of New Orleans whose target demographics are in homeless shelters, prisons, high schools, universities, and local churches. Through his involvement with the people Corey serves, he’s seen God work in amazing ways. He has seen people who are suicidal give their lives to the Lord, and have seen friends he used to do drugs with submit themselves to the authority of Christ. He is thankful to be able to see the fruit in his ministry.

City Vision Vision College gave Corey the confidence to serve from a nonprofit administrative standpoint at The Urban Reach. Two of his favorite courses were Ministry Management and Fundraising. Ministry Management gave Corey insight specifically on how to lead volunteers and employees, and developing the vital characteristics of a leader. Corey now feels better equipped to handle the ministry needs in the inner city.

Corey thinks City Vision is a great resource for people who want to engage in urban ministry because of its cost-effectiveness, it acts as a forum for connecting people in different parts of the country, and for the opportunity to speak with experts in the field. Corey Hicks always knew he would be a missionary, and City Vision University made that happen.

This testimonial was given in 2012.


[Edited May 2015; to update institution's name]

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