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CFRE: Certified Fund Raising Executive Certificate Online Program

What is Certified Fund Raising Executive certification?

Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification is the primary credential for career fundraisers. City Vision University is a approved CFRE training provider.  CFRE certification provides more credibility. CFRE certification serves as an impartial, third-party endorsement of your knowledge and experience against international standards in philanthropy. It adds to your credibility as a fundraiser and sets you apart from other professionals. Certification can improve career opportunities and advancement. CFRE certification can give you the "edge" when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. CFRE certification clearly identifies you as an employee who has demonstrated mastery of fundraising principles and techniques based on accepted best practices.

What is required to get the CFRE and Maintain Certification?

80 points minimum.  Candidates earn one (1) point for each one (1) hour of continuing education workshops, seminars, conferences they have attended during the past five (5) years.  Points also awarded for academic degrees.  CFRE candidates are expected to have participated in on-going educational activities.  Note: Completing two of these courses  provides the 80 hours of education required for initial certification.  One City Vision University course fulfills the 45 hours of continuing education for renewal of the CFRE, which is required every three years.

Professional Practice
60 points (5 years) minimum.  Candidates earn one (1) point for each one (1) month of paid, professional experience as a member of a philanthropic fundraising staff or a consultant to a nonprofit during the most recent eight (8) years.  This allows for employment gaps.  A minimum of 50% of job duties must be directly related to generating philanthropic dollars.

Professional Performance
55 points minimum.  Candidates can earn points three ways: 1) Communications projects (PDF) that have measurable outcomes that directly impacted the development function of the organization (5 points per project); Management projects (PDF) that had measurable outcomes that directly impacted the development function of the organization (5 points per project) ; or 3) Actual funds raised (1 point per 25,000 in your own currency).  Only Performance completed during the past five (5) years is applicable.

55 points minimum.  Candidates earn points on a sliding scale – depending on the level of involvement - through participation in professional associations and/or community organizations (i.e., local church, youth groups, service clubs, etc.) Only Service completed during the past five (5) years is applicable. Service need not be fundraising-related.

For more information, consult the CFRE International web site.


CFRE-Approved Courses from City Vision University

The following courses have been approved for CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) education credits.

Course 309 - Fund Raising Basics (3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) Along with an introduction to the essential elements of fundraising, direct mail, capital campaigns, annual funds, etc., this course is intended to help the student to develop a Biblical perspective of development. . Price: $700.00

Course 310 - Intermediate Fund Raising
(3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) Explores the various approaches to effectively communicating an organization's message to potential clients, staff, community, churches, and donors. Topics include; designing and writing publications, such as newsletters and brochures, and using various types of media - Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and video to promote urban ministry.  Price: $700.00


Course 302 – Nonprofit Administration (3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) Principles of operating a not-for-profit organization including the development and purposes of organizing documents, the reporting requirements for maintaining an organization's non-profit status, the functions of the Board of Directors, and the relationship between the Chief Executive and the Board.Price: $700.00

Course 303 - Nonprofit Accounting
(3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) Covers both the mechanics of non-profit accounting and the necessity of financial accountability. The outcome of this course is the development of an accounting policy manual for an urban ministry or similar nonprofit organization. Price: $700.00


Course 405 - Nonprofit Financial Planning
(3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) An analysis of the principles of financial planning, including such topics as: basic planning and leadership principles, underlying organizational issues involved with planning and budgeting, financial planning principles and practices (including in-depth analysis of one organization’s planning process) and knowledge of how organizational ethics, norms, strategic planning and direction influence both its income and expenses. Price: $700.00

Course 304 - Management and Leadership
(3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) Practical principles to assist leaders to more effectively manage nonprofit organizations. The assignments explore the four primary tasks for successful management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A major portion of the course is dedicated to the process of leadership development and an understanding of the various stages of the formation of a Christian leader. Price: $700.00

Course 305 - Human Resources (3 credits, 45 CFRE hours) An in-depth look at staff development, the proper use of written job descriptions and performance standards, and professional practices regarding proper interviewing, hiring, evaluation and dismissal procedures. Price: $700.00


City Vision University hopes that the CFRE training program will help ministries develop homegrown fundraisers.