An Outline of the "Results by Objective" Process for Use by the Rescue Mission Manager

  1. Identify the over-all goal(s) of the organization based on the current (or an updated) mission/purpose statement and the policy directives of its Board of Directors.

    -  Where - what is our geographical service area?
    -  Who - what is our target population?
    -  Why - which problems do our programs address?
    -  How  - what are our on-going programs?
    -  What - what are the goals of our programs?

  2. Determine the target period on which the planning process will focus  (six month, a year, three years, five years, twenty years)

  3. Identify the major program areas that are essential for the future growth of the organization and the attainment of its goals as stated in its mission/purpose statement.

  4. Evaluate the current resources (human, financial, facilities) of the ministry to determine its ability to achieve the desired results in the critical areas identified in the previous step.

  5. With the input of key staff members representing each program area, establish the objectives to be achieved by the ministry as a whole during the target period.

    : A specific written statement of a measurable end result that is to be attained in a set period of time.

  6. Once the over-all objectives are established and prioritized, establish objectives for each program and department, and for each individual staff member responsible for accomplishing the stated objectives.

  7. Develop a system for gathering the data that will be needed to measure the effectiveness of the plan. In other words, determine what types of data and statistics are to be kept and create forms that can be compiled into reports that measure, in concrete terms, how successful the activities are in accomplishing previously defined objectives.

  8. Based on reports developed by compiling data on the results of program activities, periodically evaluate program performance as it relates to the established objectives, making necessary adjustments.

  9. Begin at step #1 for new target period.