Highlights of the NFPA Life Safety Code That Apply Specifically to Rescue Missions


Means of Egress

Capacity of Egress. (LSCH, Para. 8-2.3.3)


Travel distance to nearest exit (LSCH, Para. 8-2.6)

Interior Finish in Exits (LSCH, Para. 5-1.4)

Headroom (LSCH, Para. 5-1.5)


Impediments to Egres. (LSCH, Para. 5-1.7)


Stairs (LSCH, Para. 5-2.2)

Ramps (LSCH, Para. 5-2.5)

Locks, Latches, and Alarm Devices.
(LSCH, Para. 5-2.1.5)


Panic Hardware and Fire Exit Hardware. (LSCH, Para. 5-2.1.7)

Equipment Maintenance and Testing.
(LSCH, Para. 31-1.3)

Fire Exit Drills. (LSCH, Para. 31-1.5)