Facility Inventory and Analysis.

Develop a written inventory of all buildings used by the ministry. This should include, the age, approximate square footage, current appraised value, condition (which notes any non-compliance with codes/standards), and projected useful life. Provide a set of "as built" plans or, at minimum, field sketches of all physical structures.

Provide diagrams showing the placement (underground and overhead) of all major utility shut off points (electrical, gas, oil, water and sewer, etc,). If they are too large, photocopy the necessary parts of diagrams.

Provide diagrams showing emergency exit routes of all facilities.

Have on file records (deeds or leases) that relate to the property that substantiate ownership and land rights. These records should include:

  1. Utility easements, street easements, overhead easements, etc. that may constrain the development or management of the property.

  2. An adequately updated title report or search, or title insurance.

  3. The tax liability or exempt status of the property.

B. Base Mapping

  1. Have on file a reasonably accurate plat or base map(s) of the property, showing

  2. The legal boundaries and all adjoining ownership

  3. The location of all above-ground improvements and utility systems

  4. Topography of the site, if a camp or farm or other large piece of property


C. Future Site Plans

As a minimum, have on hand an in-house schematic showing any future physical changes proposed for the properties/buildings. Attach brief written documentation demonstrating what short and long range needs are to be fulfilled by these plans.