Facilities Management Manual



" for the training mission. This is to be done by collecting and compiling the following documents and procedures:

A. Emergency Procedures

Develop or compile in detail the policies and procedures to be followed by staff members and clients/residents in the event of a medical emergency, fire, tornado, earthquake, flood or other natural disaster. Outline the various responsibilities of members of the mission's staff in each emergency situation. And, include any reporting forms that are used in the event of an emergency, i.e. records of referrals made, accident reports, medical emergencies, etc.. (If none exist create them.)

B. List of referrals in the local medical community


• Name of the contact person and their phone number

• Services provided the referral

• Procedures to follow when making a referral .

C. Disaster Plan

Outline, in detail, the steps to be followed in the event of disaster that renders the mission's facilities unusable. The plan for the local mission should include all the procedures that will be followed in the event of a tornado, fire, earthquake, flood, etc.

Be sure to address all of the following:

• Will be done with residents when the building are not habitable.

• How important records and documents are protected.

• Who is responsible for the various areas outlined in it.

D. Fire Escape Routes & Fire Extinguisher/Alarm Locations

Include drawing and charts of floor plans with arrows for escape routes and graphics to indicate locations of extinguishers and alarm pulls.