What to Study for the Course 307 Final Examination

  1. Review “Mission Cleanliness” by J J. Fleck

  2. Memorize ten  things a mission board and director can do to avoid a law suit.

  3. Consider the things missions must consider when seeking insurance coverage for the mission.

  4. Review the readings on fire safety concerns for the rescue mission.

  5. Review the other reading on the most important safety concerns for rescue missions.

  6. Review your study guide for Dr. John Lamb's tape on infectious diseases at the mission.

  7. Consider the most important risk factors that can be used to determine a mission client’s exposure to the AIDS virus.

  8. Consider how security can be improved at rescue missions.

  9. Review the reading on the “Sick Building Syndrome”.

  10. Be prepared to describe the “Team Cleaning” approach, including listing the “specialists” who are involved in the process.

  11. Be prepared to defend the need for a preventative maintenance program.

  12. Consider how missions can prepare for natural disasters.

  13. Be prepared to list the main points of the Americans with Disabilities Act and to state how should missions respond to it.