HOS 155 Gameplan


During this course we want to contribute to the reduction of foodborne diseases and to the improvement of food quality. These are two important goals that we wish to accomplish.

Today's consumers demand more from the restaurants they patronize. They want top-rate, efficient service;varied, well prepared menu offerings; and an attractive, clean, and comfortable dining atmosphere. A tall order for restaurant owners and managers! Only by implementing a complete food safety program can the restaurant be assured that the food is safe right up to the time it is served. Only through education and professionalism can this be achieved. This gameplan will take you all the way through the various stages of serving safe food and upon completion you will have reached the highest level of achievement in a very competitive environment. Look over the gameplan..... pretty interesting, huh!

Unit #1

Providing Safe Food

  •  What is Sanitation?

  • Who needs to know about it?


Unit #2

The Micro World

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Parasites

  • Fungi

Unit #3

Contamination and Foodborne Illness

  • Biological Hazards

  • Chemical Hazards

  • Physical Hazards


Unit #4

The Safe Foodhandler

Building an Effective Personal Hygiene System 

Unit #5

Establishing a Foodservice Safety System


  • Hazard Analysis

  • Critical Control Point System  

Unit #6

Purchasing, Receiving and Storage of Food

  • Sources of Safe Food

  • Receiving and Inspection of Food

  • Storage Principles

Unit #7

Protecting Food in Preparation and Serving

  • Time & Temperature Principle

  • The Ten Rules of Safe Foodhandling



Unit #8

Sanitary Facilities and Equipment

  • Sanitary Design and the Law

  • Interior Construction

  • Utilities

  • Waste Management


Unit #9

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Organizing a Cleaning Program

  • Cleaning Principles

  • Sanitizing Principles

  • Use of Hazardous Materials

  • The Master Cleaning Schedule

Unit #10

Integrated Pest Management

  • Preventing pest infestations




Unit #11

Accident Prevention, Action for Emergencies, and Crisis Management

  • How accidents can be prevented

  • How to establish a crisis management plan


Unit #12

Sanitation Regulations, Standards and Employee Sanitation Training

  • Government Regulation of the Food Industry

  • Planning an effective training program