Course 309 - Session Seven - Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Learning Objectives for this Session:


Learning Projects for this Session:

Exercise 1 Read the PDF document:

Key Issues on the Future of Financing Rescue Organizations by Ivan J. Fahs  (Chapter 7 of  From Soup & a Sermon to Mega-Mission)

Exercise 2 Read the John Frank's Closing Remarks document:
Exercise 3 Write a 5-10 page paper answering the following questions:

In your opinion what are the key challenges that will affect the future of successful fund raising for your rescue mission?

What can/must  be done now and in the future in response to these challenges?

Exercise 4 Complete the Evaluation Form for this course.
Exercise 5 For the Course 309 Assignment Board this week,  share your thoughts on the following:
  • What's more important, cultivating existing donors or trying to find new ones?   Why?

  • Respond to the statemenet - "We should not ask volunteers to donate financially to the missions, since they are already giving us their time?"


Note:  As we've mentioned elsewhere, the Assignment Board is not just for the instructors' sake, it is the virtual equivalent of sharing your thoughts in front of the whole class.  Therefore, we encourage you to read what your classmates are sharing, along with posting your thoughts to the board.

These assignments, your class project, and you final exam are due on Fridaay, Februrary 19, 1999