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As we seek to be Christian development professionals, there are many challenges and pitfalls, but there are also a great number of joys and rewards. There are so many opportunities to grow as individuals as well as grow as organizations. In development, increased knowledge for the individual will benefit the entire ministry

I hope this course dealing with philosophy, theories and technical strategies will challenge you to examine your motives as a development professional and to examine the motives and strategies of the ministry you serve.

As research and knowledge in the field of Christian development expand, so will the quality and level of relationships with our donors. All will benefit from biblically based, quality programs. And the final result will be strengthened ministries that share the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. In this we will truly honor God in all we do.

The Christian Stewardship Association introduced this covenant for fund-raisers. I offer it as a starting point for anyone interested in using his or her personal gifts and abilities in the ministry of development.


Covenant for Christian Fund-raisers

Acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the need for dependence on Him, I solemnly covenant before God and with other Christian fund-raisers to:

  1. Ask the Lord to make my conscience sensitive to His leading in fund-raising decisions.
  2. Search the Scriptures diligently to discover the Lord’s will in regard to fund-raising practices.
  3. Bring before the Lord in prayer difficult fund-raising decisions.
  4. Honor Christ by building up relationships between ourselves and those who are actively participating in our ministry.

May God help me through His Spirit, by His grace and for His glory to be faithful to this covenant. Amen.