Saving as Web Page & Uploading to the Web Server.


1)     Open Word Document

2)     Save As “Web Page”

3)     Note: use underscores to replace spaces in document name.

4)     Go to Course Editor

5)     Select “Upload”

6)     Select ”Browse”

7)     Select document for uploading from your PC

8)     Select “Upload”

9)     File name will appear on “Upload Page.”



Adding to Course Materials List


1)     Once you have uploaded the file, Select “Materials” from the Course Editor.

2)     Select “Add an Item”

3)     Enter the Name and Details and Select Type – Word, HTML Doc, PDF, etc.

4)     The document you loaded will appear on the drop down list under “File Name.”

5)     Select Week and Session

6)     Finally, Select “Add Item.”