Week Three Learning Styles


Why is it important to understanding learning styles?  Because all people learn differently and everyone needs the opportunity to learn!  Understanding the needs of different learning styles will allow the instructor to develop activities and methods of presenting information that will reach all learners.  When a learner understands how they learn best and how it is possible to adjust their learning style, they are more apt to attempt to learn in a different way.


The goal of understanding learning styles in a Life Skills class is to develop tools to reach everyone.  Different individuals will learn best by hearing, by writing, by articulating responses, through discussions, using activities, by seeing the material, etc. 


By lecturing throughout a class, an instructor is immediately losing a large percentage of the class just because it is not a learning style that works.  There should be a mix of activities, discussion time, writing assignments, presentation of materials (in a variety of ways) that will hold the attention of the learners.  Understanding learning styles will start a course developer on the right track to meeting the needs of the learners.


The power point presentation will help prepare you for tying the learning style differences to the work ahead in week four to give you an overview of curriculum development.