Question 10

Name at least two means you have learned during this course by which the urban worker may keep his spiritual life and zeal for evangelism alive.

Question 12

Name two qualities of effective urban ministry gospel services.

Question 3

Write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs on the topic "Lessons For Urban Ministry from Jesus'' Ministry to the’'Woman at the Well'' (John 4:5-42)."

Question 5

Name the one resource recommended in this course for keeping the urban discipleship worker attentive and fruitful in the ministry.

Question 9

Write 1 paragraph: The best way for an urban ministry worker to promote evangelism and discipleship where he or she labors is to...

Question 1

According to the recording "Improving Discipleship Offerings," an urban ministry wishing to upgrade its discipleship should first:

Question 11

Review John 8:30-36. From which activity (or activities) might deliverance from life-controlling habits (such as addiction) be an expected outcome?

Question 13

According to the view taken in this course, urban gospel presentations are most effective when evangelism and discipleship are:

Question 14

According to The Hungry Inherit, the poor believer in Jesus Christ has a head start on several spiritual attainments, among which are:

Question 2

According to the "Improving Discipleship Offerings" recording, an often-overlooked area for discipleship opportunity is:

Question 6

In the "SMART goal" acronym suggested in this course for use in clarifying spiritual growth objectives, the "R" stands for:

Question 7

Which book of the Bible was written explicitly to make possible eternal life?

Question 8

The work of evangelism is complete when:

Question 15

A ministry''s energy should be largely concentrated in carefully planned evangelism and discipleship activities.

Question 4

Good discipleship tools for urban ministry are readily available "off the shelf" through the internet.