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Jeff Kolsch's Story: Loving the Poor

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Jeff Kolsch knew he wanted to work in Christian ministry helping the poor, like at a rescue mission. After becoming the director of Donor Relations at the NYC Rescue Mission he found out City Vision University was part of AGRM. He thought it’d be helpful to enroll in order to further his education and continue his work in a field he loves. Like most people who enroll, he was attracted to CVC’s course material on rescue missions. It was affordable, and it was online. He graduated with a B.A. in Missions, Administration, and Operations.

What he learned at CVC gave him “a more rounded knowledge and understanding of how rescue missions operate” including the important components of a recovery program, as well as food and building operations. He is also currently pursuing a Master’s in Nonprofit Administration at North Park University. He would not have been able to enroll at North Park without his recent college work from CVC.

Jeff described his experience at CVC as “enjoyable” and “flexible” and was appreciative of the material the college offered.  “City Vision is an excellent college if you want to go into rescue missions.”

This testimonial was given in 2012.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution's name]