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BUS603: Marketing Management


Professor: TBA

This course is a study of advanced marketing management, especially product, price, promotion, and distribution problem solving. The legal and social environment within which marketing problems occur is also discussed. 3 Credits.

Course Objectives

In addition to the Program Outcomes marked with an asterisk above, BUS603 is built around three course objectives:

  1. Demonstrate how marketing concepts, research and strategies enhance a firm’s success.
  2. Analyze strategies that create a value offering, build brand recognition, and maximize channeloptions available in the marketplace.
  3. Develop new marketing strategies that tangibly enhance a firm's success in existing and new markets.

Each Course Objective listed above is tied to a multi-week Period listed below under the “Course Schedule” table.


Title Cost
Marshall, G., & Johnston, M. (2015). Marketing management (2nd ed.). New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill. pp. 576 (ISBN: 9780078028861) $18.99 (Kindle version)
Cooke, P. (2012). Unique: Telling your story in the age of brands and social media. Grand Rapids, MI, Baker. pp. 256 (ISBN: 9780801017605) $13.70
Total Cost of Course, including Books (at Full Price) $832.69