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Christian Nonprofit Ministry Startup Accelerator and Incubator through the MSTSM Program

Get a Masters Degree While Launching your Startup Ministry

We have designed the MTSE program to serve as an accelerator and incubator for tech-savvy Christian nonprofit startup ministries. The MTSE faculty is made up of Christian social entrepreneurs who have worked with hundreds of Christian nonprofit startup ministries that can provide guidance and feedback on your startup. The whole program is designed around a capstone project, which can be developing your startup.

MTSE Course Outline as Christian Startup Accelerator & Incubator

  • High Tech Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits, syllabus). This course will help entrepreneurs to learn principles of social entrepreneurship as they apply to high-tech initiatives. Students can use the final project in this course to develop the business and implementation plan for their startup.

  • Grant and Proposal Writing (3 credits, syllabus). This course will focus on grant and proposal writing covering the research and prospect identification process, foundation grants, government grants and the relational process of grant approvals. Students can use this course to help identify funders and write a proposal for grants and other funding for their startup.

  • History and Case Studies of Technology in the Church (3 credits, syllabus). This course covers entrepreneurial case studies of how technology has been used by Christians in the past to learn lessons to apply to your startup. 

  • Theology of Technology (3 credits, syllabus).  Students could use this course to think through the theological and media ecology implications of their startup or field.

  • Organizational Systems (3 credits, syllabus). This course assists students in selecting the right organizational architecture for their startup and learning principles of organizational systems to make it successful.

  • Theology of Work in the STEM Professions (3 credits, syllabus). This course can assist entrepreneurs in thinking reflectively on their calling, vocation and role of their startup in marketplace ministry.

  • Emerging Media Ministry (3 credits, syllabus). This course covers the latest technologies and opportunities in emerging technologies that can assist entrepreneurs in using the latest technologies in their startup.

  • Independent Study (3 credits, syllabus). This course enables students to work with the faculty to design their own course(s) in specialized topics related to their startup.

  • Technology, Cross-Cultural Ministry, and the Poor (3 credits, syllabus). This course provides a global perspective and specific business strategies that are effective in serving "the base/bottom of the pyramid" or also called, "the majority world," "the two-thirds world," "the other 90%," and "the poor."

Peer and Feedback Feedback and Networking

One of the most valuable aspects of the MTSE program will be the opportunity to get feedback from peers and faculty in the program on your startup. In addition, a goal of this program is to assist you in tapping into the networks of the MTSE faculty, board and students.  

Your Startup Is Your Capstone Project

The MTSE program is specifically designed with grading and projects so that if students develop the foundation for a viable startup and demonstrate mastery of the program materials then they should expect a successful grade. The Capstone Project (5 or 8 credits, syllabus) is intended to be an integration of all the knowledge from MTSE courses as applied to a particular problem or opportunity. For a startup, the capstone project could be the culmination of all the elements you need to launch your startup: a business plan, a proposal, lessons from history, organizational system, theology, as well as technical products such as a website, videos, social media, apps and/or software in your startup.