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Course 510: History and Case Studies of Technology in the Church


Course 502: Organizational Systems


Course 501: Theology of Technology


Christian Freeware

Christian Freeware and Free Church Software

Website Planning (Alvin Tse 09-10)

Member Name: Alvin Tse

Service Site: Pui Tak Center

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

This PowerPoint presentation explains in step-by-step instructions how to go about planning a website.  Alvin Tse covers issues such as registering a domain name and hosting, as well as reviews the pros and cons of doing it yourself and outsourcing the website.

Essential Computer Lab Software (Matthew Staley 09-10)

Member Name: Matthew Staley

Service Site: Open Door Ministries

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description:

How To Make a Video (Danielle Rice 09-10)

Member Name: Danielle Rice

Service Site: House of Peace and Education

Site Location: Gardner, MA

Project Description:

In this Word document and PowerPoint presentation, Danielle Rice discusses strategies and procedures for filming and editing a movie using the program Windows Movie Maker.

Redesigning the Network and Rebuilding Two Computer Labs for Harambee Ministries (Joshua Kammerer 07-08)

Member Name: Joshua Kammerer

Service Site: Harambee Ministries

Location: Pasadena, CA

Project Focus:

Basic HTML Tutorial (Amber Brady 09-10)

Member Name: Amber Brady

Service Site: TechMission Administrative Offices

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description: 

For her replicable project, Amber Brady created a HTML tutorial to help teach basic web design.  Her PowerPoint presentation includes information on the core computer language codes such as styles, headings, paragraph breaks, inserting images, and closing pages.


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