Social Bookmarking Tool Comparison

Social Bookmarking Tool Comparison


This article looks at the evolving crop of social bookmarking tools, their functionality and examples of use. The goal is to help nonprofits understand the value of using social bookmarking tools and to determine which social bookmarking tool would best serve their needs. This is directed at nonprofit uses of these tools.


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Blogs and RSS resources

Understanding Blogs and RSS

Blogging for Change by Rebecca MacKinnon
An overview containing links to nonprofit/activist weblogs, tools, and information about the ways in which a weblog can help your organization.

Nonprofit Technology Online Communities

There are lots of these lists of listservs and forums. But this one can be contributed to by anyone. So feel free to edit this mess. I just dumped something in here. Would you be so kind as to help clean it up a little?

In no particular order:

Circut Riders general discussion

Circuit Riders technical discussion

10 Tips for Funding Technology

10 Tips for Funding Technology

Technology plans are great, but how are you going to pay for all the new equipment, training, and staffing costs your plan requires? There are no silver bullets when it comes to fundraising, especially during tough economic times. Here are ten tips to help you find the funds you need to implement and sustain your critical technology strategy.

1. Build strong relationships with funders.

Multimedia Resources Toolkit

Multimedia Resources Toolkit


Web Design


Computer Networking Terms

Appletalk is an obsolete network protocol once used with Apple Macintosh computers. It does not use TCP/IP.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used to automatically provide TCP/IP settings to computers on a network. Computers that receive their configuration this way are said to have a dynamic IP address.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a technology to match up a computer's name with its IP address. Names are easy for people to remember, but computers and network equipment only understand numbers.


Teaching About (and With) Technology

Teaching About (and With) Technology

Integrating computers into your lesson plans

By: YouthLearn

August 7, 2001

Curriculum Resources for CTCs and Other Organizations

Curriculum Resources for CTCs and Other Organizations

Inexpensive and free resources for training

By: Martina Seremetis

November 3, 2003

One Economy: Bringing the Net to Those Who Need It

One Economy: Bringing the Net to Those Who Need It

Nonprofit provides Web access, content, and training to low-income communities

By: Brian Satterfield

July 13, 2006

Securing Your Computers for a Public Computing Environment

Securing Your Computers for a Public Computing Environment

Keep your computer lab safe and running strong


By: Hilary Naylor

July 10, 2007

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