The CTC VISTA Program: Low-Cost Technical Assistance for Underserved Communities

Vistas of Equal Access

The CTC VISTA project delivers technology to the underserved

By: Jennifer Anthony

October 22, 2007

Computer Lab Maintenance: An Introduction to Internet and Computer Security

Internet & Computer Security 101This presentation introduces Windows computer lab maintenance tasks - mostly basic, but some more advanced. It also lists free or low-cost software options to accomplish tasks like virus protection, spyware removal, and network security.

Working with Technical Volunteers



Managing Technical Volunteers

Managing Technical Volunteers

Starting and maintaining a good relationship

By: Anna Mills

May 30, 2000

An Introduction to Grant Reports: Tips and Tools for Preparing Reports for Your Funders

Early Grant Reports (metropolitanlibrarysystem, Flickr)In this article, Brian Satterfield of TechSoup outlines the key ingredients of a grant report and gives 6 tips for writing effective grant reports. He also reviews several leading categories of report-writing software.

Help Writing a Winning Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal Writing - Collaboration (ALA staff, Flickr)The Summit Collaborative team describes 5 key considerations for writing a successful technology grant proposal: crafting the proposal, being specific about goals, avoiding buzzwords, funding appropriate technology, and calculating costs.

Proven Models for International Christian Community Technology Centers

Proven Models for International Christian Community Technology


Funding Sources for International Community Technology Centers

Funding for International Community Technology Centers

Links to Additional Digital Divide Statistics

More Organizations and Links with Statistics on the Digital Divide

Community Technology, Missions and International Development Resources

TechMission has compiled the following training materials and links for international community technology organizations.





TechMission International Advisory Board  Conference Call


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