Internet/Web Filtering Software

Internet/Web Filtering Software Resource Sheet


Internet filtering software helps protect those using your computers from going to websites that may contain information that could be damaging, such as pornography. The following resource is provided by the AC4 to help you provide proper protection for those using your computers. There are five main options to consider, as listed below.

Email List Software and Services

Email List Software and Services


Mass email softwareand email list hosting are the two main ways to connect to large numbers of people via email.

 1.) Email Newsletter Software is software that is designed to email hundreds to hundreds of thousands of people. Features of this software would include a database of email address, the ability to let people remove themselves automatically, and keep track of emails that did not reach their destination.

Copier Purchasing

Copier Purchasing


Acquiring a copier is a major investment for any organization large or small. Copiers have a large variety of features with many different add-ons that can help your productivity and/or strain your budget. You should know the three types of copy machine grades that are available.


Copy Machine Grades

Computer Lab Maintenance Software

Computer Lab Maintenance Software


Computer Donations Information


Computer Donations Information


Note: AC4 currently does not provide Computer Donations to organizations, but does provide information on organizations that do.


Top Tips for Computer Centers

Nine sites to help build your computer center's capacity, expand its resource base, and enhance its curriculum.

1. Software donations:

TechMission’s software donations page provides information on how to get Microsoft Office for $30 as well as other Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec products.

TechMission Manual


Lesson 4 Homework

Overview of Computers and Microsoft Word




Lesson 4 Homework:


  1. Type your name at the top of the page


Instructor Notes on Editing Exercise

Notes to instructor:


Print the following page and with a pen mark up the top paragraph to represent the changes that need to be made as indicated in the instructions section of the document. Explain that this is probably what they would do themselves if creating a document…create a first draft, mark it up, make the changes.


Lesson 3 Plan






Lesson 3




1. Word Wrap

Have everyone type the word wrap paragraph then turn on the show/hide button. There should be only one paragraph symbol


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