Seven Tips for Saving Energy (Valerie Henderson-Odell 08-09)

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10 Things You Can Do to End Online Segregation

Ending online segregation is about using online tools to leverage your social network and friends in order to advocate for social justice. Every person could help bring thousands of dollars of resources to at-risk communities with just a little effort toward ending online segregation. The following are some important ways you can help end online segregation:


Vernacular Media

Vernacular Media

From MissionTechWiki

Vernacular Media

Vernacular Media is media that is culturally appropriate for a particular people group. For example this could be tape recordings, radio, video, drama or filmstrips, mp3s, dvds, podcasts, etc.

Although not limited to computer technology, the process of adapting effective media to local cultures can be accelerated by the use of computers. Media producers are using computer technology for recording, editing and transmitting their productions.

Software acquisition and development

Software acquisition and development

From MissionTechWiki

When it comes to getting software to support your work there are two main options: buy or build.

Buy or build?

You can either buy some "off-the-shelf" software to do what you need, and then customise it to make it work within your organisation, or you can build it. Building, or developing, it can be done by an outside organisation or in-house.

Buy - pros and cons




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Description of Secure Shells

Usually SSH - relates to an encrypted connection to a shell, usually running on a Linux or Unix system.

How are secure shells used in Missions?

Just like everywhere else they are used to access remote servers securely. They can also be used to create VPN by carring PPP over the SSH connection or by port mapping and forwarding (for basic access).

Writing a Vision Statement

Briefly, Burt Nanus, a well-known expert on the subject, defines a vision as a realistic, credible, attractive future for [an] organization.

A good vision can accomplish a number of things for the organization:

How your church can help those who struggle with porn or sex addiction

How your church can help those 
who struggle with porn or sex addiction
by Mike Genung

Ethnic Identity Development Process for Christians

Love Knows No BoundsThis article provides a framework for reconciliation across race, class and culture by explaining how the ethnic identity development process can be used to not only bring social justice, but also to bring social healing. 

A Framework for Social Healing

A Framework for Social Healing

Andrew Sears



Assess Your Church’s Foundation for Outreach



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