Communication Skills

A communication skills course materials.

Decision Making Class Series

Decision Making Class with a composite of 11 sessions.

Anger Management Course

A series of classes designed for people in early recovery in Rescue Missions

Anger Management Course

Series developed for shelter clients of Rescue Missions

Conflict Resolution

Class prepared for persons in early recovery in Rescue Missions

Stuckpoint Classes

Two of a series of classes planned for homeless shelter clients in first weeks of homelessness to assist them with issues that leave them "stuck" in their situation


Negative thinking and Time Management

Financial Management Life Skill

A 13 week class on financial management geared for persons in an  advanced recovery program

Challenge Class

Curriculum for 13 week life skill  class for persons in early recovery

The Fundamentals of Sketching Curriculum (John Tallacksen 07-08)

Member Name: John Tallacksen

Service Site: First EV Free

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

John's year-long replicable project is a very detailed 11-week curriculum with focus on drawing and sketching. This is an 11-week course where a class will meet once a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Each week's lesson plan is designed to inspire and inform students on how to express themselves through art.

Computer Curricula (Jonathan Moy 07-08)

Member Name: Jonathan Moy

Service Site: Pui Tak Center

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description: Jonathan Moy's year-long replicable project focuses on introductory computer curricula for elementary students. Jonathan created and implemented three separate curricula, targeting different grade levels (grades 1-2, grades 3-4, grades 5-6)

Each curriculum is formed around a weekly 45-minute class and can be applied to Windows PC's. Topics include:


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