Disaster Relief

Planning for Pandemic Flu

This FAQ guide, from Episcopal Relief & Development, explains the risk posed by pandemic influenza and how churches can prepare themselves for it.

Sample Diocese Disaster Preparedness Plan (Episcopal Relief & Development)

This plan, from the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia and shared by Episcopal Relief & Development, offers a sample of what a specific disaster preparedness plan could look like.

Tips for Self-Care after a Disaster

Episcopal Relief & Development offers a guide to how clergy and other caregivers can avoid "compassion fatigue" after a disaster by exercising proper self-care.

Tips for Parents in Helping Children and Youth Cope with Disaster

Episcopal Relief & Development offers several principles for helping children and youth cope in the aftermath of a disaster.

The Sunday After a Disaster

Episcopal Relief & Development provides a 2-page guide to how churches might effectively minister to people's spiritual needs the Sunday after a disaster.

Emergency Planning & Disaster Recovery (Church World Service)

The Church World Service provides a guide covering building maintenance, fire prevention, avoiding water damage, dealing with contractors.

Emergency Action & Recovery Plan for Religious Organizations (Church World Service)

The Church World Service provides a guide to plan for a wide variety of emergencies with forms and checklists.

Prepare to Care - Disaster Recovery Guide (Church World Service)

The Church World Service provides a guide called "Prepare to Care" outlining how churches can mitigate disasters, prepare for them, and respond to them effectively, leading to a good recovery.

Special Prayers for Disasters

Episcopal Relief & Development provides several special prayers to be said in times of disaster and commemoration of crisis.

Individual & Family Disaster Preparedness Guide (Episcopal Relief & Development)

This short guide to individual & family disaster preparedness, from Episcopal Relief & Development, emphasizes what a disaster kit should contain.


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