Disaster Relief

Volunteer and Donations Management (FEMA)

Salvation Army Disaster Radio

The Salvation Army Disaster Radio program largely provides updates from the field on what the Salvation Army is doing in response to disasters, as well as some programs on how the Salvation Army disaster response team is structured.

Red Cross Disaster Safety Library

The Red Cross has a guide to various types of disasters and the risks one will face in them.

Disasters covered are: chemical emergency, drought, earthquake, flood, flu, food safety, heat wave, highway safety, home fire, hurricane, landslide, pet safety, poisoning, power outage, terrorism, thunderstorm, tornado, tsunami, volcano, water safety, wildfire, and winter storm.

Be Red Cross Ready

Individuals and families can learn from this interactive disaster planning guide by the American Red Cross how to be ready for a disaster. The course explains how to create a disaster kit, make a disaster preparedness plan, and be informed about various types of disasters.

Disaster Response Planning for Churches (Dover Baptist Association)

This guide, from Dover Baptist Association, will help a church determine whether disaster response is an appropriate ministry for them, what their role in response should be, and what their plan should be for responding to specific types of disasters.

Risk Management - Assessment Pack

These worksheets can help your church assess the level of risk that it faces from natural and man-made disasters.

Preparing Your Church For Any Emergency

This downloadable book, available for purchase, explains how churches can respond to emergencies, particularly ones involving the church facility itself, and how pastors can address the issue from the pulpit.

Managing Spontaneous Volunteers

This document, from the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, outlines how to handle when volunteers show up at a disaster site willing to help but not affiliated with any of the organizations officially responsible for disaster relief.

Sheltering Guidance Aid

This document, from the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, outlines the requirements for a shelter for people displaced by a disaster, including size and staffing requirements.

Light Our Way: A Guide for Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster

This document, by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, guides disaster relief workers as they assist victims and recover from difficult response efforts themselves. Covers basic concepts and types of spiritual care, long-term recovery, collaboration with mental and emotional health personnel, self-care for providers, and community resiliency and preparedness training.


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