Curriculum Resources for CTCs and Other Organizations

Curriculum Resources for CTCs and Other Organizations

Inexpensive and free resources for training

By: Martina Seremetis

November 3, 2003

One Economy: Bringing the Net to Those Who Need It

One Economy: Bringing the Net to Those Who Need It

Nonprofit provides Web access, content, and training to low-income communities

By: Brian Satterfield

July 13, 2006

Youth Computer Assessments

These assessments of computer knowledge and skills, for elementary and middle school students, can provide a general indication of students' familiarity with computers.

They were developed by Camille Britton and Evan Donovan of TechMission.

What is Service Learning?

Defining Service Learning
 Service-learning has been defined as both a program
                type and a philosophy of education.

    *  As a program type, service-learning includes myriad ways that
                          students can perform meaningful service to their communities and to
                          society while engaging in some form of reflection or study that is
                          related to the service.
    *  As a philosophy of education, service-learning reflects the belief

ESOL Program Volunteer Training/Support Model: Boston HERC (Erin McNally 06-07)

Member Name: Erin McNally

Service Site: Boston HERC

Site Location: Léon de Juda, Boston, MA

Project Description:

Lawrence HERC Organizational Website & Blog (Jonathan Garcia 06-07)

Member Name: Jonathan Garcia

Service Site: Lawrence HERC

Site Location: Lawrence, MA

Project Description:

Sample Lesson Plan Template

Use this template as a guide in lesson planning.

Lesson Title


Lesson Author:


Age group/Grade level:






Resources & Materials:


Time Needed:




  • first
  • second
  • third


Final Product:


After-School Program Development from the Ground Up (Evan Donovan 06-07)

A holistic approach to after-school program development.

Member Name: Evan Donovan

Service Site: Metropolitan Baptist Church After-School Program (MBCASP)

Site Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

Creating an After-School Program Yearbook in Photoshop (Miriam Sanchez 06-07)

Member Name: Miriam Sanchez

Service Site: Pico Union SAY Yes @ 1st E.V. Free Church

Location: Los Angeles

Project Description:

In this presentation, Miriam Sanchez shows how she instructed the students at the Pico Union SAY Yes program in the process of creating a yearbook in Photoshop. She also presents some excellent examples of finished work.

Defining Program Outcomes (Jennifer Hicks 05-06)

Member Name: Jennifer Hicks

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Project Description:

In this project, Jennifer Hicks not only describes how the SAY Yes program at Central City Community Outreach developed a plan of action to achieve its goals, she also offers guidance on how to set appropriate and measurable goals (or outcomes) for after-school programs in general.


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