Work Study

Work Study

What is work-study?

As part of their financial aid packet, college students can earn a certain amount of money by working. Most of this money is earned through on-campus jobs, but the US Department of Education requires that 7% of all work-study funds go to jobs serving in community and faith-based organizations. Schools pay up to 75% of the cost of these positions with the nonprofit paying as little as 25%.

Why hire work-study students?

You get the committment paid staff member for half or quarter the money!

Intro to Internet Course Plan

Intro to Internet

Course Plan



You will be comfortable using the Internet to communicate (e-mail) and find information (search).


Intro to Internet Course Outline

Introduction to the Internet, Web and Email


Objective: Students will know how to access the Internet, how to search effectively, and sign-up for and use an Email account using an Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Class 1: Getting Around, Planning a Trip and Searching for a Job


Intro to Internet Teacher's Guide

Introduction to the Internet


Class 1



Exercise: Letter Writing

Nobetter Mechanics is proud of your accomplishments. We look forward to honoring you at our ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER on December 3.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have been nominated as the outstanding office employee of the month beginning March 1, 2002 through March 31, 2002.


Exercise: Text Editing Commands

A Man and His Money

Intro to Computers Instructor's Guide

Instructor’s Guide

For the Introduction to Computers Class




Intro to Computers Syllabus

Introduction to Computers





Introduction to Computers


Links to Relevant Organizations

On Online Safety for Children

TechMission Safe


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