Life Skills

a collection of curriculum used in Rescue Missions to teach clients life skills

Communication Skills

A communication skills course materials.

Decision Making Class Series

Decision Making Class with a composite of 11 sessions.

Anger Management Course

A series of classes designed for people in early recovery in Rescue Missions

Anger Management Course

Series developed for shelter clients of Rescue Missions

Conflict Resolution

Class prepared for persons in early recovery in Rescue Missions

Stuckpoint Classes

Two of a series of classes planned for homeless shelter clients in first weeks of homelessness to assist them with issues that leave them "stuck" in their situation


Negative thinking and Time Management

Challenge Class

Curriculum for 13 week life skill  class for persons in early recovery

Workplace Ethics

In this presentation, TechMission Corps program assistant Camille Britton covers some of the basic principles of workplace ethics. She stresses the importance of responsibility, hard work, honesty, and willingness to accept correction.


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