Evan Donovan

Higher Education in the Online Age (Evan Donovan)

by Evan Donovan, 
for the Theology of Technology course in City Vision University's Masters in Technology and Ministry program

The first half of this paper will seek to define the field of technology and then provide principles for its theoretical and theological analysis. Following that, these principles will be applied to the technological practice of online higher education.

Youth Computer Assessments

These assessments of computer knowledge and skills, for elementary and middle school students, can provide a general indication of students' familiarity with computers.

They were developed by Camille Britton and Evan Donovan of TechMission.

Sample Lesson Plan Template

Use this template as a guide in lesson planning.

Lesson Title


Lesson Author:


Age group/Grade level:






Resources & Materials:


Time Needed:




  • first
  • second
  • third


Final Product:


After-School Program Development from the Ground Up (Evan Donovan 06-07)

A holistic approach to after-school program development.

Member Name: Evan Donovan

Service Site: Metropolitan Baptist Church After-School Program (MBCASP)

Site Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

The Social Implications of the Gospel

Fundamentally, the Gospel is the proclamation of God's grace freely available in Jesus Christ - that He has lived and died in the place of all who put their faith in Him, so that they might be forgiven and restored to fellowship with God. However, this message should not be viewed individualistically: when God redeems people, He places them into community. This community, the Church, is described by the Apostle Paul as the Body of Christ.

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