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HIV/AIDS: Basic Facts for Educators

 HIV is a virus. Illnesses caused by a virus cannot be
                cured by antibiotics. (Although medicines may help to reduce the symptoms)
                People who have a virus - such as a cold - usually get better after a few days or
                weeks because the white blood cells of the immune system - which are
                responsible for fighting diseases - successfully overcomes them.
 When a person is infected with HIV, the immune system

What is Service Learning?

Defining Service Learning
 Service-learning has been defined as both a program
                type and a philosophy of education.

    *  As a program type, service-learning includes myriad ways that
                          students can perform meaningful service to their communities and to
                          society while engaging in some form of reflection or study that is
                          related to the service.
    *  As a philosophy of education, service-learning reflects the belief

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