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Increase Your Chances of Repeat Funding by Staying in Touch with Grant Makers

Increase Your Chances of Repeat Funding By Staying In Touch With Grant Makers

Katie Krueger - Date: 2007-02-02


How to Contact Grant Makers with Success

How To Contact Grant Makers with Success

Katie Krueger - Date: 2006-12-16

Last week was a busy one for me: I am the contact person for applicants to a local Education Foundation and Friday was the proposal deadline! It never fails that the few days before the deadline I am flooded with questions from people applying. Most of their questions and requests are within reason, but I thought in the spirit of this week, I would offer suggestions on how to contact funders with questions about your proposal.

Save Thousands by Using a Free Grants Database

Save Thousands by Using a Free Grants Database

Katie Krueger - Date: 2006-12-16


I received the following question from a reader: "I serve on the Board of a new foundation that is ready to identify potential grants. However, all of the grant databases that we have found are prohibitively expensive. Can you recommend an affordable grants database?" My answer: Is FREE affordable enough?

How to Find General Operating Grants

How To Find General Operating Grants

Katie Krueger - Date: 2006-12-16

General operating money is certainly one of the more difficult categories of funding to secure, mostly because it's a lot less appealing to the funder. Let's face it, paying rent is not nearly as sexy as helping people fulfill their potential as human beings. However, there are unrestricted grants out there, if you know where to look.

Make Money Through Relationship Building: Grant Writing Basics

Grant writing is really a misnomer, because so much of getting a grant has nothing to do with writing, but with relationship building. Some foundations support your organization year after year, and yet have never actually met you! Why not take the first step in relationship building and invite them to come visit? In my first full-time grant writing job, I learned just how valuable this small step could be: to the tune of $60,000 of unexpected funding!

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