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Pornography Addiction: What is Sex Addiction?

Pornography Addiction: What is Sex Addiction? Copyright © 2005 Pure Online, Inc.
Reprinted with permission.

Any Christian man who is engaging in sexual immorality of any kind is a man in conflict. He is a man who believes one thing and yet his actions are not matching up with his beliefs.

What I Wish I Would Have Known About Sex Addiction 20 Years Ago

What I Wish I Would Have Known About Sex Addiction 20 Years Ago

by Mike Genung, ©Copyright 2005 Mike Genung  

Blazing Grace Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, 

How Pornography Harms Children

(Excerpted in part from Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace by Donna Rice Hughes. ©Copyright 2001 Donna Rice Hughes. Request permission ( if you wish to reprint or post.)

Books on Online Safety, Pornography, and Recovery

On online safety for children.

The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace
by Dr. Parry Aftab

This no-nonsense guide for keeping kids protected and informed on the Internet is an essential book for any family with a home computer.

Kids Online by Donna Rice Hughes

This is a powerful tool for parents to safeguard their children’s safety while using the Internet. Offers hope and help to parents with simple step-by-step directions.

Youth, Pornography and the Internet
by National Research Council

Links to Relevant Organizations

On Online Safety for Children

TechMission Safe

Statistics on Internet Dangers

Pornography General Stats

• As of 2003, there were 1.3 million pornographic websites; 260 million pages (N2H2, 2003).

• The total porn industry profit: estimates from $4 billion to $10 billion (National Research Council Report, 2002); Total U.S. revenue (2005): $12.6 billion (Adult Video News).

• U.S. adult DVD/video rentals in 2005: almost 1 billion (Adult Video News).

• Hotel viewership for adult films: 55% (

• Unique users visiting adult web sites monthly: 45 million (Neilsen Net Ratings).

Checklist for Implementing an Online Safety Program in Your Computer Center

Checklist for Implementing an Online Safety Program in Your Computer Center

1. Install Internet Filtering Software on all lab computers or install a server/router to filter all computers.

2. Determine types of activities that will not be allowed due to content or function.

          a) For content, banned sites should include all pornography and sexually explicit material; it could also include sites that are violent, gory, or that promote illegal drug use or hate.

Sample Online Safety Curricula (Orientation)

(TechMission is in the process of developing presentation templates for computer centers to use in introducing their participants to online safety issues and practices. It will cover the points of the Acceptable Use Policy and other relevant issues.)

Orientation for Adults

30 minute session

Need: LCD projector; Online Safety Presentation; copies of the AUP

1. Present the online safety presentation and allow for questions or comments 25 minutes

Sample Acceptable Use Policy

Sample Acceptable Use Policy

  1. All users must sign in before sitting down to work. # No food or drink at or near the computers!
    If the application you are using has sound, please turn it off or use headphones.
  2. Users of the center are asked to remain in the labs, the hall ways connecting the labs and the restrooms to avoid disturbing other classes.
  3. No Rollerblades (or other skates) in the labs.


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