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Online Safety on MySpace and Other Social Networking Sites

What is Social Networking?

Family Internet Safety Pledge

Family Internet Safety Pledge

(This is provided as a sample for you to use.  If you wish to modify it, you may download a copy from

Steps to Implement an Online Safety Program in Your Family

  1. Install an Internet filter (see our Internet filtering recommendations in this manual under “Software Tools for the Home”).

The Importance of Online Safety

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family calls Internet Pornography the “New Crack Cocaine.” Just as with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, many adult addicts of pornography started their addiction as young children exposed to pornography at an early age. To assist parents in protecting their children online, we provide free Internet filtering software. We realize that for parents, just having software is not enough, because parents need to be trained on all strategies for protecting their kids online.

Safe Families Manual

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