How Pornography Harms Children

(Excerpted in part from Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace by Donna Rice Hughes. ©Copyright 2001 Donna Rice Hughes. Request permission (protectkids.com/permission.htm) if you wish to reprint or post.)

Books on Online Safety, Pornography, and Recovery

On online safety for children.

The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace
by Dr. Parry Aftab

This no-nonsense guide for keeping kids protected and informed on the Internet is an essential book for any family with a home computer.

Kids Online by Donna Rice Hughes

This is a powerful tool for parents to safeguard their children’s safety while using the Internet. Offers hope and help to parents with simple step-by-step directions.

Youth, Pornography and the Internet
by National Research Council

Links to Relevant Organizations

On Online Safety for Children

TechMission Safe Familiessafefamilies.techmission.org

Changing Your Child's Homepage

Step 1. Pick a Child Safe Search Engine

Software Tools for the Home

Reviews the major Internet filtering and monitoring software programs available.

We strongly recommend the use of internet filters or monitoring software on all computers, especially those used by children. Internet filters are computer programs that make undesirable content unavailable to the computer user. Monitoring software simply reports on Internet usage to someone you have chosen to receive the detailed report of the computer’s usage. Use this chart to determine what solution is best for your family.

Family Internet Safety Pledge

Family Internet Safety Pledge

(This is provided as a sample for you to use.  If you wish to modify it, you may download a copy from safefamilies.techmission.org/safetypledge.php.)

Steps to Implement an Online Safety Program in Your Family

  1. Install an Internet filter (see our Internet filtering recommendations in this manual under “Software Tools for the Home”).


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