Encyclopedia of Grant Writing and Fund Raising



Course 308: Intermediate Fund Raising


Course 309: Fund Raising Basics


Grant Writing for Your Youth Program (Susan Searey 09-10)

Member Name: Susan Searey

Service Site: Faith in Christ Ministries

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

Sun Valley Youth Center: Summer Programming (Tiffany Peterson 09-10)

Member Name: Tiffany Peterson

Service Site: Sun Valley Youth Center

Site Location: Aurora, CO

Project Description:

Help my program needs Funds: How to Find financial resources for your Program (Alyceeia Lopez-Preston)

Member Name: Alyceeia Lopez-Preston

Service Site: Greenwood Shalom

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:Alyceeia's year-long project is a "how-to" guide on grant writing and fundraising for programs. Alyceeia focuses on online grant research and also includes advice on the grant-writing and application process for first-time fund seekers and grant writers.

Donor Management Software

Donor Management

From MissionTechWiki

10 Tips for Funding Technology

10 Tips for Funding Technology

Technology plans are great, but how are you going to pay for all the new equipment, training, and staffing costs your plan requires? There are no silver bullets when it comes to fundraising, especially during tough economic times. Here are ten tips to help you find the funds you need to implement and sustain your critical technology strategy.

1. Build strong relationships with funders.

The Truth About Fundraising for CTCs

The Truth About Fundraising for CTCs

Obtain startup funding or ongoing funding for your center

By: Jim Lynch

November 29, 2001

Why Do Email Newsletters?

Why do email newsletters?

By Sue Fidler

Many small not for profit organisations have yet to take advantage of email communications for a variety of reasons – some genuine and some which are out of date excuses. This article sets out to explain why almost everyone has the audience, the content and the capability of using email to communicate.


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