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Mission Conference Trips

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What is a Mission Conference Trip

Well, I guess it should be called a Mission Conference IT Service Short Term Trip or something, but that is way too long!

It is a trip where a team attends a missionary conference (usually on the field) with the intention of fixing missionaries' computers. They prepare for the conference by understanding the particular needs in that region, and take spare parts with them to repair the computers.

At least the leader of the team also needs to be aware of the particular requirements of the missionaries involved: eg the requiremenrts of their mission, and those imposed by the area in which they work.

A number of organisations who are members of Sideros are running these trips. Members include

Who can go?

These trips need people who understand desktops & laptops and the operating systems and tools that run on them - i.e. Microsoft Windows. There are opportunities on larger teams for people who aren't so specialised (eg to track the PCs, to learn, to pray), however most of the team needs to know what they are doing.

People who work on help desks, who do daily support of PCs and laptops are they type of people who are needed.

Got any stories?

Sure ... On conference trips... you bring parts but don't always have everything you need on-hand. We fixed one guys laptop with a spring from a ball-point pen.

One family brought us in a box full of computer parts... asked us to \"fix\" their computer. They had 3 video cards and no motherboard (could have been why it didn't work) We had brought enough parts that they went home with a working computer.

What about Finances

Like other types of Short Term Trips you will need to raise your own finances. The team also takes spare parts, even whole laptops on occassion, so the team needs to raise funds for those as well.

When are they?

If you want to join an existing team, your best bet is to contact one of the organizations that put these together. Some trips are annual, some bi-annual, and others are one-time events.

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