10 Things You Can Do to End Online Segregation

Ending online segregation is about using online tools to leverage your social network and friends in order to advocate for social justice. Every person could help bring thousands of dollars of resources to at-risk communities with just a little effort toward ending online segregation. The following are some important ways you can help end online segregation:


Database Planning Guide

CareerPlanner.com's Analysis of the Top Careers for the FutureCompuMentor's Database Planning Guide for Nonprofits is designed to help small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations to develop a database plan, and as a result, purchase or build a database that effectively serves their needs.

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking DatabasesWhen your nonprofit works directly with clients, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how your organization is helping, and which resources you're providing are the most valuable. A nonprofit might provide a young adult with access to an after-school program, life skills training, drug abuse prevention, and mental health counseling services.

An Introduction to Grant Reports: Tips and Tools for Preparing Reports for Your Funders

Early Grant Reports (metropolitanlibrarysystem, Flickr)In this article, Brian Satterfield of TechSoup outlines the key ingredients of a grant report and gives 6 tips for writing effective grant reports. He also reviews several leading categories of report-writing software.

Help Writing a Winning Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal Writing - Collaboration (ALA staff, Flickr)The Summit Collaborative team describes 5 key considerations for writing a successful technology grant proposal: crafting the proposal, being specific about goals, avoiding buzzwords, funding appropriate technology, and calculating costs.

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