Organizational Development

Greater Boston Chinese Community Service Brochure (Grace Chong 08-09)

Member Name: Grace Chong

Service Site: Quincy HERC

Site Location: Quincy, MA

Project Description:

Boys' Club (Bryn Whitmore & Marquis Robinson 08-09)

Members' Names: Bryn Whitmore & Marquis Robinson

Service Site: Harambee Christian Family Center

Site Location: Pasadena, CA

Project Description:

Cultura organizacional

Cultura Organizacional, o Cultura Corporativa, comprende las experiencias, creencias y valores, tanto personales como culturales de una organización.

El concepto genérico de cultura es clave en las ciencias sociales que evoca la existencia de un conjunto de valores, hábitos y costumbres que caracterizan a un grupo social vinculado a un determinado territorio, una nación, un Estado, etc. (Bretones y Mañas, 2009).

Accounting/Financial Software

Financials and Accounting

From MissionTechWiki

Description of Financials and Accounting Systems

Track finances, donations, payments, income, expenses etc. Basic account software packages.

How are Financials and Accounting Systems used in Missions?

Just like any other organisation, Missions need to account for their finances, in fact they often have very strict requirements, including auditing.

Nonprofit Technology Online Communities

There are lots of these lists of listservs and forums. But this one can be contributed to by anyone. So feel free to edit this mess. I just dumped something in here. Would you be so kind as to help clean it up a little?

In no particular order:

Circut Riders general discussion

Circuit Riders technical discussion

Multimedia Resources Toolkit

Multimedia Resources Toolkit


Web Design


Curriculum Resources for CTCs and Other Organizations

Curriculum Resources for CTCs and Other Organizations

Inexpensive and free resources for training

By: Martina Seremetis

November 3, 2003

Why Do You Need a Business Plan?

By creating a business plan managers can complete a complex analysis of the whole business. This process allows them to verify more related aspects than they had considered on the first approach.


Why is a business plan of such central importance in a business? Why is it so controversial? Why do some people seek to downplay its importance?

How to Write a Business Plan of Success

If you want to know how to write a business plan of success — which guarantees the anticipated positive results — you have to pay equally attention to content and formatting.

This article is not a miracle recipe for developing the best possible business plan imaginable. This depends on your own ability to present all aspects of your business realistically, to stress your strong points and to anticipate solutions to specific problems which might arise.

What Is a Business Plan?

A business plan defines the structure of the company and the object of the business activity.It contains a market analysis and details of strategic marketing, management structure, personnel and finance. A business plan plays an essential role in business administration. When properly conceived, it acts as a valuable tool.



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