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Technology Planning Template

The template below is a comprehensive Technology Plan (35 pages in total).


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Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking DatabasesWhen your nonprofit works directly with clients, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how your organization is helping, and which resources you're providing are the most valuable. A nonprofit might provide a young adult with access to an after-school program, life skills training, drug abuse prevention, and mental health counseling services.

Why Do Email Newsletters?

Why do email newsletters?

By Sue Fidler

Many small not for profit organisations have yet to take advantage of email communications for a variety of reasons – some genuine and some which are out of date excuses. This article sets out to explain why almost everyone has the audience, the content and the capability of using email to communicate.

Recommended Record-Tracking Software for Non-Profits

  • CharityTracker from Simon Solutions - a shared case management system, which makes it easy for social services organizations to maintain common records on their clients, fostering collaboration and making fraud more difficult
  • CiviCRM - open-source contact/constituent management system, useful for creating & maintaining relationships with donors, clients & other organizational stakeholders

IT Risk Assessment

ICT Risk Assessment

by Lasa Information Systems Team

Organisations may be required to carry out risk assessments for a variety of reasons. But what is risk assessment and how does it relate to information technology specifically?

What Is Risk Assessment?

There are various risks associated an organisation's activities, including:

Ten Lessons for Your New Community Technology Center

Ten Lessons for Your New Community Technology Center

Getting a new perspective on your CTC

By: Josh Senyak

June 20, 2000

Encouraging Volunteers and Employees with Non-Financial Incentives

Can Non-Financial Incentives Work? You're In Trouble If They Don't

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an incentive as "Something that arouses feeling or incites to action". If the only thing that will do this for your employees is money then you have problems. Of course people want financial returns for their work - they have to live and, yes, financial incentives work in many situations, but let's look at some of the other reasons people may come to work.

10 Things Every Nonprofit Executive Needs to Know about IT

Ways to get your information technology strategy under control

By: Deborah Finn

July 19, 2007

This article originally the Web site Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector by Deborah Finn.

Building a Board from Scratch

Building a board from scratch

Selecting your very first board is a crucial task, and should be approached with much consideration and thoughtfulness. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said this several times: the board’s first responsibility is to carry out the mission of the organization. Look at it this way, the success of the organization is in the hands of the members of the board.

Helping Voluntary Groups Plan Websites

Helping Voluntary Groups Plan Websites

By Jason King

You may be a circuit rider, ICT consultant or website designer, working within a voluntary organisation, a freelancer or volunteer. Whatever your role, here are some ways you could help a voluntary organisation to plan and develop their website.


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