Organizational Development

Boundaries of Sustainability in Community-Based Organizations

Boundaries of Sustainability in Community-Oriented Organizations

Dilemmas for non-profit, non-monetarized and relief organizations


Lawrence HERC Organizational Website & Blog (Jonathan Garcia 06-07)

Member Name: Jonathan Garcia

Service Site: Lawrence HERC

Site Location: Lawrence, MA

Project Description:

Organizational Development



Join the Team, Be a Player

Join the Team, Be a Player

Belonging to community boards and organizations is an essential first step to getting a place at the table for your library. But becoming an active member, or even leader can really pay off.

By Steve DelVecchio

Being active in the community can take a lot of extra time and hard work, but it will pay off in the long run.
-- Mary Brown, Director of the Union County (FL) Public Library

Building Partnerships Success Stories

Building Partnerships Success Stories

WebJunction members and their libraries engage in a wide range of successful partnerships. Here are some of the success stories from the field.

By Steve DelVecchio

As these stories from WebJunction members show, everything from Head Start to horticulture can make for great partnerships for your library. The key is that the relationship be mutually beneficial and advance the mission of both partners.

Negotiating the Volunteer-Nonprofit Relationship

Negotiating the Volunteer-Nonprofit Relationship

Making a successful match

By: Dorothy Adams

December 13, 2005

Cash-poor nonprofits often need help using technology, but can't pay for new staff or consultants. Techies who wish to develop their skills may be willing to volunteer for organizations doing important social work. Sound like a match made in heaven?

A Few Good Online Auction Tools

A Few Good Online Auction Tools

Reliable online auction platforms geared toward nonprofit needs

By: Laura S. Quinn

July 15, 2007

After-School Program Development from the Ground Up (Evan Donovan 06-07)

A holistic approach to after-school program development.

Member Name: Evan Donovan

Service Site: Metropolitan Baptist Church After-School Program (MBCASP)

Site Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

Proven Models for International Christian Community Technology Centers

Proven Models for International Christian Community Technology


Defining Program Outcomes (Jennifer Hicks 05-06)

Member Name: Jennifer Hicks

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Project Description:

In this project, Jennifer Hicks not only describes how the SAY Yes program at Central City Community Outreach developed a plan of action to achieve its goals, she also offers guidance on how to set appropriate and measurable goals (or outcomes) for after-school programs in general.


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