Governance Matters

Governance Matters

The board of any organization is to add value with job outputs that are specific to the role of the board and for which the board holds itself accountable.

Start a Support Group

Start a Group

Strength in Numbers Support Groups

Strength in Numbers - for Men and Their Wives

       Strength in Numbers is a Christ and grace centered support group for men who struggle with pornography, sexual addiction and/or homosexuality. The group provides a safe place for men to share openly of their struggles with lust; pointing all to God's grace is our goal. The Colorado Springs group is led by the author of this website.

Sample Daily Reflection Sheet

A daily reflection sheet can be used as an additional tool for accountability partners. Some benefits of keeping a list like this are: 1) awareness of self, 2) having others aware of how you’re doing (transparency, vulnerability) 3) awareness of others and the opportunity to care for others.


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