church disaster planning

Disaster Response Planning for Churches (Dover Baptist Association)

This guide, from Dover Baptist Association, will help a church determine whether disaster response is an appropriate ministry for them, what their role in response should be, and what their plan should be for responding to specific types of disasters.

Risk Management - Assessment Pack

These worksheets can help your church assess the level of risk that it faces from natural and man-made disasters.

Preparing Your Church For Any Emergency

This downloadable book, available for purchase, explains how churches can respond to emergencies, particularly ones involving the church facility itself, and how pastors can address the issue from the pulpit.

Disaster Planning for Churches (Hope Crisis Response Network)

This guide, from Hope Crisis Response Network, explains to churches how they can create a crisis plan for their own property, as well as minister effectively to others. It contains a checklist for what should be done before & after the event itself.

ReadyChurch Training (Christian Emergency Network)

ReadyChurch is a training program from the Christian Emergency Network to help prepare churches for effective emergency response. The program costs $295, and helps churches prepare their own emergency plan, as well to assist others in times of crisis.

Ready Faith Guide for Churches (Humanitarian Disaster Institute)

The following three documents from Wheaton's Humanitarian Disaster Institute are a guide for churches in planning their disaster response:

Community Arise Disaster Relief Training (United Methodist / Presbyterian)

The Community Arise disaster relief training curriculum was created by an ecumenical team and provides multiple sessions of training on basic disaster ministry and disaster case management.

Sample Diocese Disaster Preparedness Plan (Episcopal Relief & Development)

This plan, from the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia and shared by Episcopal Relief & Development, offers a sample of what a specific disaster preparedness plan could look like.

Emergency Planning & Disaster Recovery (Church World Service)

The Church World Service provides a guide covering building maintenance, fire prevention, avoiding water damage, dealing with contractors.

Emergency Action & Recovery Plan for Religious Organizations (Church World Service)

The Church World Service provides a guide to plan for a wide variety of emergencies with forms and checklists.


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