PREParations Multimedia Computer Club Curriculum (Ali McCracken 05-06)

Use Photoshop, ACIDMusic, FrontPage, Publisher, and Flash to introduce youth to multimedia production.

Member Name: Ali McCracken

Service Site: PREP Computer Center

Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

This 90+ page curriculum is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to teach pre-teens and younger teens about multimedia production on the computer, using well-known programs such as Adobe Photoshop, ACIDMusic, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Publisher, and Flash.

Boston HERC Peer Mentor Program Plan (Alphonso Westley 06-07)

Member Name: Alphonso Westley

Service Site: Boston HERC

Location: Roxbury, MA

Project Focus:

TechMission Computer Curriculum Digital Divide Training Manual

In this section, you will find instructor's guides, course syllabi, lesson plans, and exercises for the computer classes developed by TechMission. These materials may also be downloaded.

Computer Curriculum Downloads

Technology Curriulum Resources

Click here to download all curriculum materials (.zip, 45MB) 

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Excel



  • To learn basic, introductory Excel skills in a manner that is practical, attractive, and fun.
  • To leave the course with a solid, demonstrable knowledge of the topics covered.


Introduction to Microsoft Word

Introduction to Microsoft Word



Youth Computing Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans, by TechMission and YouthLearn, were especially developed for middle schoolers.


YouthLearn Lesson Plans in Technology
Freely available online for teaching youth technology and other skills at: YouthLearn's activities page.

The YouthLearn Guide
A Creative Approach to Working With Youth and Technology” costs $19.95 if you join their E-mail list.

Technology in Youth Programs

Technology in Youth Programs

Lesson Plans

  • Youth Learn Lesson Plans in Technology (
    • Freely available online for teaching youth technology and other skills
  • The Youth Learn Guide: “A Creative Approach to Working with Youth and Technology”
    • $19.95 if you join their e-mail list
  • AC4 Youth Technology Resources and Lesson Plans

Lesson 4 Homework

Overview of Computers and Microsoft Word




Lesson 4 Homework:


  1. Type your name at the top of the page


Instructor Notes on Editing Exercise

Notes to instructor:


Print the following page and with a pen mark up the top paragraph to represent the changes that need to be made as indicated in the instructions section of the document. Explain that this is probably what they would do themselves if creating a document…create a first draft, mark it up, make the changes.



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