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CDC Recommendations for Health & Safety Following Flooding

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) issued the following set of health & safety guidelines for people in the aftermath of a flood.

Center for Disease Control Emergency Preparedness Website

The CDC (federal government's Center for Disease Control) provides a website for sharing information about disease preparedness, such as in the case of a pandemic (i.e., all or nearly all people get sick). This includes an influenza pandemic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

How To Provide a Temporary Neighborhood Shelter

This how to guide, from Episcopal Relief & Development, explains how one church provided a shelter for its neighbors when they needed housing, and describes how other churches can do the same.

Fact Sheet: How Federal Disasters are Declared

This brief guide from Episcopal Relief & Development explains how federal disasters are declared and how congregations and dioceses can get connected to federal disaster funding.

Guis Generales para la Recuperacion Despues de Inundaciones

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief agency provides best practices and safety guidelines for flood recovery, in Spanish.

General Guidelines for Flood Recovery

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief agency provides best practices for cleanup and safety when mucking out houses after a flood.


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