disaster recovery

Tornado Debris Removal Reminders

Avoiding Disaster Frauds and Scams

Information to help disaster survivors avoid frauds and scams, especially those related to FEMA.

Long-Term Recovery Manual

This manual, provided by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, describes how a community can form an organization to support the long-term recovery from that disaster. It presents a general model for such a group, with sample mission statements and bylaws, and explains what such a group would do.

CERT Train-the-Trainer Course Materials

These materials, from the Community Emergency Response Team, provide a course for training others to train about the role of CERT in disaster response.

CERT Basic Training Course

The following materials, from the Community Emergency Response Team, explain how a CERT operates in the time of an emergency, and how individuals can aid in a disaster through working with a CERT.

Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position

This course provides an introduction to Comprehensive Emergency Management (CEM) and the Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS). Included is an in-depth look at the four phases of comprehensive emergency management; mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Community Arise Disaster Relief Training (United Methodist / Presbyterian)

The Community Arise disaster relief training curriculum was created by an ecumenical team and provides multiple sessions of training on basic disaster ministry and disaster case management.

Build a Response Based on Your Church's Strengths

This tip sheet from Episcopal Relief & Development illustrates how churches can use assets they didn't they had to help out in a disaster.

10 Tips for Responding to a Disaster in Your Community

This guide from Episcopal Relief & Development shares 10 tips for responding to a local disaster.

Emergency Planning & Disaster Recovery (Church World Service)

The Church World Service provides a guide covering building maintenance, fire prevention, avoiding water damage, dealing with contractors.


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