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A Christian's Role in Disaster Response

This sermon explains how God puts His people in the midst of disaster to show His presence and to work His purposes out.

Preparing Your Church For Any Emergency

This downloadable book, available for purchase, explains how churches can respond to emergencies, particularly ones involving the church facility itself, and how pastors can address the issue from the pulpit.

Light Our Way: A Guide for Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster

This document, by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, guides disaster relief workers as they assist victims and recover from difficult response efforts themselves. Covers basic concepts and types of spiritual care, long-term recovery, collaboration with mental and emotional health personnel, self-care for providers, and community resiliency and preparedness training.

Spiritual First Aid: Disaster Chaplain Guide

This guide, from Wheaton's Humanitarian Disaster Institute, explains some of the key principles that should guide a disaster chaplain in the work of ministering to the victims of natural disaster.

Disaster Spiritual Care Points of Consensus

This tip sheet, from Wheaton's Humanitarian Disaster Institute, explains the principles that should guide providers of spiritual care in a disaster in general, from an ecumenical perspective.

Annotated Review of Disaster Spiritual and Emotional Care Books

This document, from Wheaton's Humanitarian Disaster Institute, provides an annotated review of books on providing spiritual and emotional care to victims of disasters.

Annotated Review of Religion and Disaster Mental Health Research

This document, from Wheaton's Humanitarian Disaster Institute, provides an annotated review of research on how people's religious and spiritual views were affected by disaster.

Together We Triumph: Youth Response to Disaster

The book Together We Triumph helps church youth leaders coordinate response to disaster, and was created by a team of United Methodists and Presbyterians.

It also has a separate activity guide.

The Sunday After a Disaster

Episcopal Relief & Development provides a 2-page guide to how churches might effectively minister to people's spiritual needs the Sunday after a disaster.

Special Prayers for Disasters

Episcopal Relief & Development provides several special prayers to be said in times of disaster and commemoration of crisis.

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