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Simple Gadgets for Your Exercise Toolbox

This article, from Disaster-Resource.com explains how to increase the effectiveness of the emergency preparedness exercises that your organization conducts.

CERT Disaster Preparedness Tabletop Exercises

These tabletop exercises (discussion-based preparatory activities), available in Word and PDF format, were prepared by the Community Emergency Response Team to prepare member organizations for response to various types of disaster, such as an earthquake, tornado, explosion, or car accident.

CERT Disaster Preparedness Drills

These drills, available in PDF and Word document form, were created by the Community Emergency Response Team to help member programs prepare for disasters.

Salvation Army Disaster Relief Training

The Salvation Army offers a series of training sessions for disaster relief volunteers. These training sessions are offered in a physical classroom environment, and cover topics like Emergency Assistance in Disaster Operations and Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disaster Operations.

Visit http://disaster.salvationarmyusa.org/training/?classes to see when the next classes are being offered.

Formidable Footprint Disaster Training Exercises

The Formidable Footprint site contains a series of exercises in which churches and other groups can participate to prepare for an emergency.

FEMA - Independent Study Courses on Disasters

FEMA provides a series of self-study courses for all persons wishing to prepare for a disaster, and to coordinate other's disaster response.

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