Why Do Email Newsletters?

Why do email newsletters?

By Sue Fidler

Many small not for profit organisations have yet to take advantage of email communications for a variety of reasons – some genuine and some which are out of date excuses. This article sets out to explain why almost everyone has the audience, the content and the capability of using email to communicate.

Nonprofit Email Marketing: The Basics

Email marketing is a powerful advertising and networking tool that no serious nonprofit organization should be without. Whatever your 501c3s mission, targeted email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your donor base, expand your reach and improve your fiscal contributions.

Conceptually, email marketing lists are simple. Theyre not unlike the opt-in catalog subscriptions of yesteryear, or traditional printed nonprofit newsletters/flyers - theyre just online.

Online Fundraising: Build Your List of Email Donors in 10 Simple Internet and Offline Ways

Your greatest challenge as an email fundraiser is your list. If your organization is typical, only 10% of the people in your donor file have given you their email address. And that list isn't growing any larger all on its own.

Email fundraising is new, but email isn't. So donors and potential donors dont divulge their email addresses easily. They're tired of spam. They're
afraid of online fraud. They're protective of their inboxes.

You Don't Need a Web Site to Raise Funds on the Internet

You Don't Need a Web Site to Raise Funds on the Internet

Learn how to raise money through other methods

By: Rick Christ

December 8, 2000

Email List Software and Services

Email List Software and Services


Mass email softwareand email list hosting are the two main ways to connect to large numbers of people via email.

 1.) Email Newsletter Software is software that is designed to email hundreds to hundreds of thousands of people. Features of this software would include a database of email address, the ability to let people remove themselves automatically, and keep track of emails that did not reach their destination.

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