family disaster planning

ADT Training: Emergency Preparedness Plan

ADT security systems presents the basic checklist used for creating a disaster preparedness plan.

American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness

Be Red Cross Ready for Disaster Video

Be Red Cross Ready

Individuals and families can learn from this interactive disaster planning guide by the American Red Cross how to be ready for a disaster. The course explains how to create a disaster kit, make a disaster preparedness plan, and be informed about various types of disasters.

Protecting Your Home or Small Business From Disaster (FEMA)

This course, from FEMA, explains the risks that home and small business owners face from disasters, and outlines steps that they can take to protect against or mitigate the effects of these disasters.

ReadyChristian Training (Christian Emergency Network)

ReadyChristian is a free training program provided by the Christian Emergency Network for individuals and families become ready to response to emergencies.

Individual & Family Disaster Preparedness Guide (Episcopal Relief & Development)

This short guide to individual & family disaster preparedness, from Episcopal Relief & Development, emphasizes what a disaster kit should contain.

Family Preparedness Manual (Southern Baptist Disaster Relief)

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief agency provides this manual to help families learn about the disaster hazards in their community and develop a plan to survive after a disaster event as well as to minister to others

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