individual disaster planning

Be Red Cross Ready

Individuals and families can learn from this interactive disaster planning guide by the American Red Cross how to be ready for a disaster. The course explains how to create a disaster kit, make a disaster preparedness plan, and be informed about various types of disasters.

Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness

This course, from FEMA, helps individuals develop an emergency plan and a disaster supply kit. It is useful for both individuals and families to increase their level of preparedness.

ReadyChristian Training (Christian Emergency Network)

ReadyChristian is a free training program provided by the Christian Emergency Network for individuals and families become ready to response to emergencies.

Individual & Family Disaster Preparedness Guide (Episcopal Relief & Development)

This short guide to individual & family disaster preparedness, from Episcopal Relief & Development, emphasizes what a disaster kit should contain.

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