Class Two Plan

Intro to Internet

Lesson 2: Navigating the World Wide Web


Homework, Class One

Intro to Internet

Homework, Week One


  1. Check your e-mail at least once this week.


  1. Send me an e-mail or greeting card to brighten my week.


Intro to Internet Course Plan

Intro to Internet

Course Plan



You will be comfortable using the Internet to communicate (e-mail) and find information (search).


Intro to Internet Course Outline

Introduction to the Internet, Web and Email


Objective: Students will know how to access the Internet, how to search effectively, and sign-up for and use an Email account using an Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Class 1: Getting Around, Planning a Trip and Searching for a Job


Intro to Internet Teacher's Guide

Introduction to the Internet


Class 1



Popular Web Sites

PREP Community Computer Center

Popular Web Sites


Setting up a Free Email Account

  1. Locate a free computer in the lab and make sure it is turned on
  2. Single click the mouse on the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen.

Introduction to the Internet and World-Wide Web


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